Justin Silverstein joined APA full time in 1998 after interning for a year during college. Justin is nationally known for his work examining state school finance formulas and for analysis on educational resources. This includes leading studies focusing on the resources needed for students to meet educational standards in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. In each case the results of the study were implemented by the state. He has led reviews of state finance formulas or components of the formulas for North Carolina, New Jersey, Alabama, and Washington D.C. Justin also works closely with school districts helping them understand how to best implement resources to serve students. This work requires teaming with the stakeholders in the districts to understand the needs and goals of the district.

Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

When not at work Justin can be found skiing, playing tennis and lacrosse, and most importantly hanging out with his wife Jenn and kids, Cooper and Chloe.