Dr. John Augenblick is the past-president of APA and helped found the organization in 1983. John brings a long background in project management, data collection and analysis, and in working effectively with policymakers and state agency personnel. John began his career as an elementary school math teacher in Connecticut's public schools. Later he became director of research at the New Jersey Commission on Financing Postsecondary Education, and director of the Education Finance Center at the Education Commission of the States. John has been the leader of numerous projects for state legislatures, departments of education, and special study commissions that have examined the equity and adequacy of school funding systems. As part of this work, he pioneered the development of a costing out approach to help identify the costs associated with meeting specific student performance expectations. This approach is now widely considered to be the state of the art in conducting education funding and costing out studies.

John holds an EdD from the University of Rochester, a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Teachers College at Columbia University, and Bachelor's degrees in History and Psychology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

John is currently enjoying his retirement, but continues to consult on a number of APA projects.