Dr. Bob Palaich joined APA in 2003. Bob’s primary focus is on helping state, district, and school policy makers understand what resources and programming are needed to help children meet high standards. At APA, Bob has worked with the New Jersey Department of Education to estimate the cost of high quality preschools, with Jobs for the Future to estimate the return on investment of early college high schools, with the National Center for Education and the Economy to cost out its recommendations about changing the flow of students through the education system, and with many states (including Connecticut, Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania) to estimate the costs school districts face in meeting state student performance expectations. Previously Bob worked at the Education Commission of the States, where he served as vice-president in charge of policy studies and programs.

Bob received his PhD in Political Science from Columbia University, a Master’s degree in Education Administration from Teachers College at Columbia University, and a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame.

Bob is fulfilling his dream of being a physical scientist through his daughter Sarah, a geochemist. Bob and his wife Greta like bike riding, Pilates classes and gardening.