Abby McClelland joined APA in 2014 and had previously worked in the field of public policy analysis at the local and state level for over 10 years. Abby’s primary focus is evaluating teacher, school, and program quality. She is also interested in opportunities for students with disabilities. Abby previously worked as a government benefits and health attorney at Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles, where she focused on policies affecting people with disabilities and the homeless. Abby turned to education policy while pursuing her Master’s in Public Policy at UCLA, with research focusing on the relationship between early childhood experiences and later educational outcomes. Abby also has extensive training and experience with quantitative research and analysis.

Abby holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northwestern University and a Juris Doctor and Master’s degree in Public Policy from UCLA. She is currently on leave from the PhD program in Research, Evaluation and Methodology at the School of Education, University of Colorado, Boulder.

She enjoys hiking and snowshoeing and tries to read at least one novel a week.