Over our firm’s history, we have conducted hundreds of successful projects and developed expertise in many areas including school finance, educator effectiveness, early childhood education, cost modeling and program evaluation. APA provides clients with analysis, research, advice and assistance to answer key questions associated with improving our nation’s education system, such as:

    • What would it cost for your schools to be successful?
    • What would specific programs or policy changes cost your district or state?
    • What innovative ways to compensate teachers fit your situation and how much do they cost?
    • How can you use resources more efficiently to achieve specific goals?
    • Which specific policy innovations would improve your student performance?
    • How do you know if a program is achieving its goals and improving student outcomes?

Our team members have a broad range of skills that are utilized to help answer these types of questions, including extensive experience in:

    • Creating models to cost out education system changes and the long-term impact of policy changes;
    • Determining the resources and programs needed for schools to meet state and federal academic standards;
    • Conducting research and evaluations utilizing statistical and data analysis, surveys, panel discussions, focus groups, interviews, and literature reviews;
    • Helping education organizations interpret data to understand their current strengths and weaknesses, past trends, and projected future expectations;
    • Providing policy guidance and analysis to implement education reforms;
    • Facilitating strategic and organizational planning sessions; and
    • Writing for a broad audience about topics of relevance to our work and of importance to the entire education community.

APA has a proven record of impact through our work. For example, a number of states use funding systems based upon APA work, districts use teacher compensation systems or budgeting approaches developed by APA, and programs have used the results of our work to improve their programs or demonstrate their successes.

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