Denver Preschool Program Evaluation

The Denver Preschool Program (DPP) was approved by voters in November 2006, and connects Denver-area families with high-quality preschool. DPP focuses on increasing access to preschool, providing preschool choice to families, and raising the quality of preschool programs in Denver.   Since 2006, APA has lead the evaluation team for DPP, helping the program to understand how parents, children, and preschool providers access the DPP program, and to learn the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the current program's design.  To inform the annual program evaluation, APA administers parent and provider surveys, focus groups, interviews and reviews of program data. APA also works closely with Clayton Early Learning on the child outcomes evaluation, and recently began performing analysis of 3rd grade TCAP results, using a propensity score matching approach, to assess the persistence of DPPs impact.

To view copies of our evaluation reports, please visit the Resource & Results page of the DPP website.

For more information about the DPP Evaluation, please contact project leader Bob Palaich.