Colorado Early Investment Cost Model

The Colorado Early Investment Model, commissioned by the Colorado Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC), analyzes the current state and federal funding in early childhood programs that serve at-risk children and their families in Colorado. APA worked with the ECLC to develop the interactive web-based cost model which maps enrollment for Colorado’s early childhood system across four sectors identified by the Early Childhood Colorado Framework:Early Learning, Family Support and Education, Health, and Social and Emotional Mental Health. By adjusting enrollment and quality, the model calculates costs within individual programs, as well as for groups of children. The model also includes a return on investment component, which utilizes robust research to estimate the return per dollar invested for certain programs, categorized by the type of return (such as graduation rates, future income, reduced recidivism). The tool was the first of its kind in the nation to include an extensive state database of public early childhood funding streams, as well as the ability to calculate return on investment.