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 Archived News

Date Title
02/02/2014 DC Deputy Mayor of Education Releases Adequacy Report
08/22/2013 APA Analyzes Denver Preschool Program Effectiveness
05/29/2013 Alabama School Finance Study
04/02/2013 REL Central Mentoring Study
01/04/2013 APA Report on MS Agricultural Schools
11/19/2012 Fall 2012 Southwest TURN Results for Students Conference
09/26/2012 APA helps facilitate Southwest TURN PAR conference
07/26/2012 APA Hired as Program Evaluator for School Readiness Initative
07/02/2012 APA Partners with NCTL to Develop ELT Cost Models
06/04/2012 APA & REL Central Assists with Development of Nebraska Educator Evaluation
01/17/2012 APA Forms New Federal Education Research Lab with Marzano Research Laborato
11/21/2011 APA Designs Statewide Survey to Inventory Assessments
08/08/2011 APA Provides Expertise in Colorado School Funding Lawsuit
06/30/2011 APA Completes Evaluation of Closing the Achievement Gap Program
04/30/2011 APA Works with Southwest Teacher Leaders
03/07/2011 APA Works With Districts on Teacher Mentoring and Evaluation
01/31/2011 APA Develops Early Childhood Education Cost Model
11/05/2010 APA Helps Three Districts Secure TIF Grants
09/14/2010 APA Work Informs Mississippi Education Commission
08/10/2010 APA Evaluates Mississippi Program
06/01/2010 APA Continues Work on Alternative Teacher Pay
04/22/2010 APA Completes Mississippi Consolidation Study
03/01/2010 APA Selected to Conduct North Carolina Study
02/11/2010 Mississippi Hires APA for District Merger Study
01/11/2010 APA Evaluates Reach Out and Read Colorado
10/22/2009 APA Conducts Teacher Working Condition Studies
09/01/2009 APA Supports Facility Use Planning
07/07/2009 New District Consolidation Report
04/14/2009 Court Supports APA Work in New Jersey
03/04/2009 APA Produces Special Education Report
01/14/2009 APA Conducts Tax Analysis For Massachusetts Secretary of Ed
01/01/2009 Vice President Doug Rose leaves APA
11/14/2008 APA Assists District with Declining Enrollment
10/15/2008 APA Helps Texas District Develop Alternative Teacher Pay Program
09/23/2008 APA Releases Teacher Retention Report
07/08/2008 APA Recommendations Lead to Historic Increase in Education Funding
06/10/2008 Pennsylvania House Committee Passes Funding Bill
05/16/2008 APA Conducts Preschool Program Evaluation
03/18/2008 APA Releases County-wide Education Study
02/26/2008 Colorado Ed Commissioner Lauds APA's Closing the Achievement Gap Study
02/08/2008 Pennsylvania Governor Adopts APA Recommendations
01/22/2008 New Jersey Incorporates APA Work
01/18/2008 APA Unveils New Web site
12/14/2007 Pennsylvania State Board Releases APA Costing Out Study


Posted on: 02/02/2014
APA's collaboration with The Finance Project culminated in the release of a final report on funding adequacy in Washington, DC.  For more information click here.


"In 2006, the Delaware Public Policy Institute needed the answer to the question: 'what is the real cost of providing a truly effective education for all public school students in the state of Delaware.' We looked across the country at the firms that analyze public education finance and chose to work with Augenblick, Palaich and Associates. The firm was a pleasure to work with and answered the question in a way that engaged the business community in Delaware."
-John Taylor, Executive Director
Delaware Public Policy Institute