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APA works with public education stakeholders at every level: state legislatures, governors' offices, state education agencies and boards of education, business leaders, foundations, school district superintendents and business officers, county-level leaders, teacher associations, and numerous other groups interested in improving our country's education system. Over more than two decades our work has carried us across all 50 states. See the map below for a more detailed listing of our past and current clients.


Posted on: 02/02/2014
APA's collaboration with The Finance Project culminated in the release of a final report on funding adequacy in Washington, DC.  For more information click here.


"It was a pleasure to work with APA to study the hidden costs of high school exit exams. Due to the quality of APA's initial research and analysis, we received a second grant that culminated in further analysis, and then wide distributions of the findings to key state policy-makers and the news media. APA does very good work."
-Jack Jennings, President
Center on Education Policy