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Founded in 1983, Augenblick, Palaich and Associates, Inc (APA) is a privately owned company with extensive experience analyzing public education systems and policies. Our mission is to help clients solve problems so they can meet student performance goals and improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of our nation's public schools. We also help our clients understand the fiscal, legal, and policy implications of implementing education reforms, including both short and long-term impacts. Our staff accomplish this mission using a variety of research techniques, including education data analysis, literature reviews, interviews, surveys, panel or focus group discussions, and statistical analyses.

Just a few examples of the types of education issues we address include: the resources and funding schools need to reach student performance expectations; the costs of implementing the No Child Left Behind Act; the types of education practices that our nation's most successful schools use to raise at-risk student achievement; understanding the impacts of school choice; developing innovative ways to compensate teachers and to attract and retain teachers in hard to staff schools; and analyzing the efficiency of district and school resource use.

In January 2012, APA, Marzano Research Laboratory (MRL), and RMC Research Corporation received a contract from the U.S. Department of Education to form the Regional Educational Laboratory for the Central region (REL Central).  REL Central will focus on building alliances with state- and district-level education leaders in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming to explore key policies surrounding educator effectiveness, closing the achievement gap, and postsecondary education and workforce readiness.  For more information please see the REL Central Web site at www.relcentral.org/.

For a more complete listing of issues we address, please see our services page.  You can also click here for a brief summary of the types of expertise and services APA provides.

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Posted on: 02/02/2014
APA's collaboration with The Finance Project culminated in the release of a final report on funding adequacy in Washington, DC.  For more information click here.


"We hired APA to conduct a county-wide analysis to identify new ways for our school districts to work together and improve performance.  We also wanted to know how our district resource usage compared with others in our state.  APA did an excellent job of gathering information and ideas from our superintendents and other community leaders to provide clear answers to these questions.  The firm was easy to work with and provided the independent, impartial, experienced analysis we needed to help move forward our county's education systems."

-Suzanne McConkey, Program Director
York- Center for Community Engagement at York College